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  • This record relates to communications outputs of a research project which centered around working with Indigenous communities to raise the profile of the Largetooth Sawfish and support community driven conservation efforts. Some of the items are intended for public viewing (videos and educational signage); but the other outputs are intended for use by the Indigenous communities involved in the sampling (trip reports and Malak Malak annual floodplain sampling protocol and I-Tracker data collection application).

  • The data represents the results of a national model of boat-based recreational fishing effort (number of trips) around Australia. The model reflects boat-based line fishing trips in marine waters and is reported on a 5x5 nautical mile grid to a distance of 100 km from the Australian coastline. The model includes two parts: (i) allocation of fishing trips from a reporting region to individual boat ramps and (ii) allocation of fishing trips from boat ramps to adjacent marine waters. Raw fishing effort data could not be made available. Aggregated effort data is supplied as summary plots in the final report:

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    This record relates to recreational use patterns from surveys with recreational boaters at 12 locations around Australia across 2019-2020. The collected recreational use patterns are intended to be indicative of use levels for various marine areas. Use patterns were recorded during face-to-face surveys at boat ramps using gridded maps upon which boaters indicated areas they had visited in the last 12 months along with approximate percentages, indicating the relative time spent at each location. Data is supplied as modelled frequency of recreational boating trips (per grid cell per year), based on aggregated boat ramp survey data.

  • This record relates to outputs from a series of socio-economic surveys conducted nationally to benchmark awareness and perceptions towards the Australian Marine Parks. This includes a general public survey, a boat ramp survey (focussed on boat-based recreational users), a targeted survey (focussed on members of fishing, boating and yacht clubs) and a charter operator survey (focussed on fishing and eco-charter operators). All surveys were conducted across 2019-2020. Raw data could not be made available. Aggregated survey data is supplied as summary plots in the final report: