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  • This record provides an overview of the NESP Marine and Coastal Hub small-scale study - "Towards a consolidated and open-science framework for restoration monitoring". No data outputs are planned for this project. -------------------- Coastal habitat restoration is scaling up rapidly in Australia and covers a range of habitats including oyster reefs, seagrass meadows, mangrove forests, kelp forests, and saltmarshes. Every restoration project includes some attempt at monitoring outcomes but currently these are piecemeal, uncoordinated, often poorly funded, and rarely follow Open Science protocols. Previous NESP-funded projects have improved understanding of the ecology and service provision of threatened ecosystems and established targets for repair based on reference conditions (e.g. Marine Biodiversity project B4). They have also established an extensive database of marine and coastal restoration projects (ARCN: project E5), and have supported the development of monitoring, evaluation, reporting and improvement systems (MERI) for various sectors or projects. By combining the knowledge of all Australian researchers undertaking monitoring of restoration projects, across multiple habitats, this project will build upon these previous projects to synthesise the approaches for monitoring of habitat restoration. It will also explore integration of new technologies, such as automation, artificial intelligence, and eDNA, within the monitoring framework to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The primary output will be a co-ordinated and open-science framework for restoration monitoring across projects, scales and habitats, that integrates clearly articulated hypotheses to determine the goals for restoration. This framework will streamline development of future restoration projects and ensure that maximum value from monitoring activities is achieved. Planned Outputs • Literature review [written] • Guidelines document (best-practice toolkit) [written] ---no data outputs are planned for this project---

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    1:100,000 coastal wetland vegetation mapping for Queensland including mangrove communities, saltpans and saline grasslands. Mapping taken from Landsat TM images with ground truthing. Additional metadata is available for details of techniques and accuracy for each section of coastline. Data Currency for each section of coast: NT border to Flinders River - 1995 SE Gulf of Carpentaria - 1987, 1988, 1991, 1992 Cape York Peninsula - 1986-88, 1991 Cape Trib to Bowling Green Bay - 1997-99 The Burdekin Region - 1991 The Bowen Region - 1994-95 The Whitsunday Region - 1997 Repulse Bay - 1989 Central Qld - 1995, 1997 The Curtis Coast Region - 1997 Round Hill Head to Tin Can Inlet - 1997 Moreton Region - 1995.