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    Geoscience Australia has completed the first phase of an areal map of Australia's coastal geomorphological units. Utilising pre-existing GIS datasets procured from local, state and federal government agencies, this national scale map conforms to a coastal geomorphology classification scheme developed at Geoscience Australia. Phase one consists of a geodatabase containing a series of state wide feature datasets that have been reclassified into the national coastal geomorphology classification scheme.

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    Seagrass mapping of Moreton Bay between the Bribie Island bridge and Kangaroo Island: Mapping conducted as part of the Ecosystem Health Monitoring Program (EHMP) in conjunction with Queensland Park and Wildlife Service and BRG-UQ part of the Joint Remote Sensing Research Program (funded by EHMP).

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    The Flinders CMR survey was a pilot study undertaken in August 2012 as part of the National Marine Biodiversity Hub's National monitoring, evaluation and reporting theme. The aim of this theme is to develop a bluepint for the sustained monitoring of the South-east Commonwealth Marine Reserve Network. The particular aims of the survey were twofold; 1) to contribute to an inventory of demersal and epibenthic conservation values in the reserve and 2) to test methodologies and deployment strategies in order to inform future survey design efforts. Several gear types were deployed; including multibeam sonar, shallow-water (less than 150m) Baited Remote Underwater Video (BRUVs), deep- water BRUVs, towed video and digital stereo stills. This resource contains the shallow-water BRUV footage captured on the FLinders CMR shelf (less than 150 m). Stereo BRUV's were deployed using a probabalistic and spatially-balanced survey design called Generalized Random Tessellation Stratified (GRTS). Habitats were identified in a previous multibeam survey and consisted of 'mixed reef' (containing patchy reef) and sand. Mixed reef habitat was targeted in this survey (9 GRTS mixed reef sites versus 3 sand sites). A total of 60 stereo BRUVs were deployed. Data contained here represents footage collected using these drops and the associated scored data (abundance (MaxN) and lengths).