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  • This record provides an overview of the NESP Marine and Coastal Hub scoping study - "Identify knowledge gaps and solutions for extent mapping of Australian marine and coastal wetlands". No data outputs were created by this project. -------------------- Marine and coastal wetlands provide extensive ecosystem services to Australia, and a comprehensive inventory is required for effective conservation and protection. This project will identify key knowledge and inventory gaps and determine solutions to progress a consolidated inventory within the context of a wider review of national mapping capacity for wetlands. Gaps and solutions will be identified through targeted surveys and workshops with end-users and researchers following a review of relevant data and literature. A summary of the status of mapping habitat attributes and services such as blue carbon, coastal protection and shorebird habitat will be produced. The outcome will be identified prioritisation for future investment to fill knowledge gaps. Outputs • Report reviewing and synthesising knowledge gaps in inventory mapping of marine and coastal wetlands, identifying effective solutions, and guiding subsequent research projects for enhancing wetland mapping [written] ---No data outputs were created by this project.---