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    A project investigating the restoration of string kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) habitat on Tasmania's east and south coasts. Macroalgae, fish and invertebrate counts were collected as part of the project using the Edgar Barrett transect technique in the Derwent Estuary and in the Mercury Passage on the South East Tasmania. Other fish, invertebrate and macroalgal data was also collected.

  • Samples of Octopus maorum and O. pallidus have been collected from the Eaglehawk fishery and as bycatch from southern rock lobster fishery to determine population structure and spatial and temporal trends. Tag recapture study of O. maorum and O. pallidus in Taroona reserve using PIT tags and movement study using acoustic tracking at Taroona reserve and Eaglehawk neck examine the temporal and spatial scales of movement and habitat use. Octopus tracked using VR2's (presence/absence data) and VRAP (triangulated positional data) at both sites.

  • This data represents research conducted as part of a PhD project on Striped Trumpeter (Latris lineata). Visual field ontogeny, behaviour and feeding were recorded along with details of jaw development and malformation. Video images were used to record length, feeding response and histology of eye and jaw development.

  • For hatchery reared striped trumpeter (Latris lineata) data has been collected on length, weight, age, growth, size at metamorphosis, survival in relation to fish density, nutrition, health and system operation (tank size, water volume and quality, oxygen content).