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    Dive surveys using strip transects are used to determine species composition, size structure and abundance of scallops, with surveys conducted pre- and/or post fishing season. In addition, post season telephone surveys of recreational scallop dive licence-holders are conducted to collect information about scallop diving activity (including days fished, location and success), and a range of management-related issues (eg. attitudes to management options, communication strategies).

  • The impact of the introduction of the New Zealand screwshell (Maoricolpus roseus) on scallop distribution and behaviour in the D'Entrecasteaux Channel, SE Tasmania was investigated. The impact of both live and dead and empty M. roseus shells on the distribution of two sympatric scallop species, queen scallop (Equichlamys bifrons) and doughboy scallop (Chlamys asperrimus) was quantified at large spatial scales. Also quantified was the impact of M. roseus on the distribution and behaviour of the commercial scallop (Pecten fumatus), at both large and small spatial scales.