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  • The imagery provides representative and highlight clips from the quantitative sampling of the abundance, body size and diversity of demersal fishes baited remote underwater stereo video (stereo BRUV) in and around Tasman Fracture, Beagle, Huon and Freycinet Australian Marine Parks (AMPs). The dataset allows examination of changes in fish communities over time as part of ongoing monitoring of these AMPs. There are plans for ongoing surveys as part of Parks Australia's management of the AMPs. The methods and key findings of the work are described in detail in Monk et al. (2016) and Perkins et al. (2022).

  • Baited remote underwater stereo-video (stereo-BRUV) were used to sample the fish assemblages of the Hunter Marine Park and adjacent Port Stephens - Great Lakes Marine Park at equivalent depths. Stereo-BRUV were deployed in both autumn and spring from spring 2016 to autumn 2018 and at depth of 32-105m. The videos were analyse to all fish species to the lowest taxonmic level and estimate relative abundance (MaxN) and lengths of all species. This information was used to form a baseline of the benthic fish assemblages of the Hunter Marine Park. This study was done as part of the NESP Marine Biodiversity Hub D3 project (