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    Model output from a circumpolar realisation of the Regional Ocean Modelling System (ROMS). Model was run at a horizontal resolution of 1/4 degree and 31 vertical levels. Spatial domain was circumpolar out to 30 degrees South. Forcing comes from prescribed salt and heat fluxes based on a derived climatology from Tamura et al (2008). For open water regions the Tamura data is blended with open-water heat, salt and surface stress fluxes from a monthly NCEP2 climatology.

  • We have used a quantitative definition of marine heatwaves to detect all events which have occurred in 12 regions across the continental shelf off eastern Tasmania over 1993-2015. For each event in each region this atlas includes information on (i) event properties including intensity, duration and depth, (ii) maps of regional ocean circulation and ocean temperature during the event, and (iii) maps of regional atmospheric conditions during the event (air temperature and surface wind). Also provided are summary statistics including the typical conditions which give rise to marine heatwaves in each region and annual time series demonstrating interannual variability and long term trends in marine heatwave properties. Provided is a comprehensive document presenting the atlas and a set of CSV files containing the underlying data.