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  • This record provides an overview of the scope and research output of NESP Marine Biodiversity Hub Project A11 - "Shark action plan". -------------------- Conservation of elasmobranch species (sharks and rays) is an increasing priority globally, including Australia, as evidence of overexploitation of some species becomes apparent. Common issues and threats among elasmobranch species may improve management if considered holistically. This project will produce a Shark Action Plan assessing requirements for improved management including a summary of current status across the taxa, guidelines for reducing impacts and improving management, and identification of key knowledge gaps impeding conservation and management. This Plan will help guide policy for Australian elasmobranchs developed by DoEE and fishery managers. On-ground conservation will be developed from recommendations in this plan. Planned Outputs • Shark Action Plan relevant to management of Australian elasmobranchs including an assessment of current threats, prioritised conservation and management actions for at-risk species and guidance on future management and data needs • Integrated Conservation Advices for multiple species with similar threats • Significant Impact Guidelines for Australian elasmobranchs • Discussion paper outlining a framework for how to apply conservation strategies for fished (Conservation Dependent) species • Presentation of results to key stakeholders and end users • Manuscripts for scientific journals outlining the results of project components (eg, Conservation Dependent species framework)