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    This dataset describes seagrass at 34 individual meadows from surveys of Dugong and Turtle habitats in the North-West Torres Strait for November 2015 and January 2016. The data includes information on seagrass species, biomass, diversity, and BMI and algae percent cover. This meadow (polygon) layer provides summary information for all survey sites within the 34 individual seagrass meadows mapped in 2015-2016 with information including individual meadow ID, meadow location (intertidal/shallow subtidal/subtidal), meadow density based on mean biomass, meadow area, dominant seagrass species, seagrass species present, survey dates, survey method, and data custodian. ESRI and Landsat satellite image basemaps were used as background source data to check meadow and site boundaries, and re-map where required. The data described by this record is current as of 01/12/2016 for use in the Seamap Australia project. Newer versions of the data, additional 'point' data for 853 sites, and alternative download formats are available from eAtlas.