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  • This seagrass habitat map was produced by the ACEAS Seagrass working group as part of the seagrass habitat risk modelling effort. The map identified seagrass presence based on 1) on the NISB (National Intertidal-Subtidal Benthic) Habitat Map created by the University of Tasmania for a partnership between the Department of Climate Change and the National Land and Water Resources Audit, 2) UNEP WCMC Seagrass map 2005.

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    Seagrass meadows within the Broadwater were mapped using high-resolution 2005 orthorectified color aerial photography obtained from the Gold Coast City Council at a scale of 1:10,000 and pixel size 0.15 m. Using desktop GIS mapping (MapInfo Professional 8.0), polygons were drawn over all potential seagrass meadows at a scale of 1:5000. Spatial accuracy was estimated to be approximately ± 1 m on well-defined boundaries (e.g. dense seagrass meadows) and ± 2 m along poorly defined boundaries (e.g. sparse seagrass meadows).