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  • Underwater video technology was used to observe marine mammal interactions (seals, in particular Australian fur seals) within midwater trawl nets. A camera system was placed inside the trawl net in the vicinity of a Seal Excluder Device, designed to prevent megafauna from entering the codend of the net and provide an escape point. Digital video data was described according to a range of operational, catch and interaction fields, and made time-specific to each trawl shot. Data is linked to commercial catch and effort data providing operational, environmental and catch information.

  • Stable isotope data, fatty acid and diet data was collected from a number of predator species in the southern ocean. Data was collected from blood, blubber, feathers and whisker samples

  • Data collected to measure foraging and reproductive success. Stored as time series data including mass, condition (fat stores), length, girth, offspring survival and growth. Data collected and methodology used varies depending on species.