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  • Projects including exploratory trawl surveys of the shelf and slope waters off southern Australia, targeted studies of specific fisheries, e.g. trawl fisheries for blue grenadier and orange roughy, purse seine fishery for jack mackerel, gillnet fishery for blue warehou, the coastal reef fishery for live fish fishery, inshore shark fishery, along with commercial catch sampling (on board and market sampling) have yielded an extensive dataset that includes biological, distribution and abundance information for a diverse range of finfish species from South East Australia. These data have been compiled into a single database and cover collections made between the late 1970s and mid 1990s. Note, selected data for key species (e.g. banded morwong, bastard and striped trumpeter) have been extracted and uploaded into Access databases (refer to scalefish research database, post mid-1990s).