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  • This record contains the R code and bibliographic data used in the publication 'Reciprocal knowledge exchange between climate-driven species redistribution and invasion ecology' (doi:10.21425/F5FBG60804). The aim of this study was to examine the current degree of cross-fertilisation between range shift ecology and invasion ecology, as a first step in determining the level of need for increasing connection between the two fields. To that end, here we examine (1) the structure and degree of similarity of themes explored within range shift and invasion ecology publications, (2) the extent that range shift and invasion publications draw on a common pool of research, and (3) the extent that range shift and invasion publications directly cite publications from the other field of study. This dataset includes: 1) R code used in the litsearchr package to generate a semi-automated search string, 2) publication data used for bibliographic analysis, and 3) R code used with the bibliometrix package for keyword co-occurrence analysis.