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  • Decision makers seek to account for the socioeconomic values of environmental assets. However, understanding the available frameworks and data can be a barrier. We address this here by summarizing the data used across four case studies (3 geographic regions and 3 socio-economic value frameworks) to demonstrate what data are available and how they are applied to support decisions in varied contexts.

  • This record provides an overview of the NESP Marine and Coastal Hub scoping study - "Research needs for a national approach to socio-economic values of the marine environment". For specific data outputs from this project, please see child records associated with this metadata. -------------------- Effective management of the marine estate requires recognition of the fact that we live in a connected human-natural system. Human uses of the marine environment often create pressures that drive overall condition, but it is also these uses that create ‘benefits’ or ‘values’ in the marine environment. Thus understanding the coupled relationships between humans and nature is essential to managing the marine environment that delivers environmental, social and economic outcomes. In this project we will work with stakeholders (particularly DAWE) through co-design to identify: (a) social and economic research priorities, and (b) existing social and economic data sets to address these priorities. This project includes, as a key differentiation from previous NESP MHB projects, an additional theme on implementation and behaviour change that will ensure research can inform the full pathway from policy to on ground action. This work will set the research direction for projects under the NESP 2 MAC and involve co-designed project proposals. Planned Outputs • Inventory of compiled datasets relating to relevant economic values, threats, and socioeconomic values for Case Study locations [grey data] • Final technical report with analysed data and a short summary of recommendations for policy makers of key findings [written]